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  • Tanya

    August 5, 2021 at 6:05 PM

    Humans are often tempted with a barrage of advertisements that they daily see on televisions, in newspapers and even on social media. Indeed, some advertisements give us knowledge about the new products coming in the market, it is quite contentious that whether it has a positive or negative effect on the audience. In my belief, many a time, advertisements entice people and encourage them to buy products that are not required.

    Advertising agencies aim on promoting their products even by giving false commitments and that is very disruptive. It is due to this reason, sometimes people end up buying products that are deceptive and not required. Furthermore, it increases their urge to buy things that are off-limit.

    Undoubtedly, advertisements are meant to procure their products and services by showing their gripping features and uses. As a consequence of this, people’s insatiable greed arises and they waste their hard-earned money on those things that they do not need. On the contrary, every individual should perform all kind of researches before buying any product on seeing advertisements.

    In conclusion, everyone should be meticulous while buying things on the basis of what they are seeing through advertisements as it is easy to spend but difficult to earn. Although it is because of advertisement that we are able to compare products of various brands, I still believe that every person should first plan of what they actually require and then look for their features and uses rather than going with the advertisments.

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