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    August 5, 2021 at 8:10 PM

    Travelling surely is contributing in making English language as the most prominent one, and many people believe that a day will come when English will be treated as the only usable language in the world. This essay will discuss about the pros and cons of using a single language in the world.

    The two major advantages include: Elimination of mis-communication and ease of studying in different countries. Firslty, having single language all over the world will result in exchange of messages with the intended meaning of the person writing it, and also, will make the exchange of thoughts easier among people living in different parts of world. For Instance, many times, when one uses an e-translator to translate their text into English language, the essence of that message is lost in the translation but, having single language will eliminate this issue completely. Secondly, it will make studying abroad much easier for students, as they have to go through a lot of trouble to first learn the native language of the country in which they want to pursue their studies. For Example, one of my friends who wants to go to Germany to pursue his masters have to learn German language first, as it is a must required eligibility for admission there.

    However, having mono-lingual world also has some disadvantages like reduction in the diversity of languages and it depletion in the jobs for professional translators. In present there are more than 100 languages that are spoken by the people in different parts of the world, and making English as the only usable language will take away this sense of localism among people living in different countries. For Example, if English is declared as the only language to be used all over the world, people of Non-English speaking countries have to learn it compulsorily and will have to give up their mother tongues. Furthermore, this will also take away the jobs of different translators as well as the different institutions teaching different languages to the students all over the world. For Example, the translators used by the officials of different countries will no longer be of any use if speaking of multiple-languages will be given up.

    To conclude, having single acceptable language may create some problems to certain amount of individuals but, the advantages of the same will definitely outweigh these drawbacks.

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