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  • priya

    August 5, 2021 at 8:17 PM

    English is being spoken widely all around the world because tourism played a vital role in its development. If this continues then at some point in the future, English will be the only lingua franca of the world. In this essay we will see the pros and cons of using only a single language for communication.

    One of the evident benefits of having one language is that it will make the communication easier and will avoid any misunderstandings caused during translation. Also, if there is no language barrier, people will not hesitate to travel. Thereby, promoting to the tourism sector of country. Universal language will also help in improving the relationships between the countries leading to more trade and friendship agreements. For instance, if India and China are speaking a common language, we could resolve the conflicts with a win-win solution and could find a common ground to improve our regional economic corridors.

    On the other hand, if one language is used prominently then it will lead to the extinction of other languages in the world. All languages have its unique deep-rooted values and characters linked to their culture and ancient lineage. In case if language like Tamil is vanished then the history of great kingdoms like Cholas and Pandyas and literatures like Tirukural will die with that. Also, usage of single language will lead to a mundane world eventually as it would have killed the distinct culture and arts with the regional language.

    To conclude, language is an identity to any human being which evolved over centuries with its own rich and varied heritage. Though having a common language has its advantages, it has more demerits which is detrimental to local languages.

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