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  • Haritha

    August 5, 2021 at 9:01 PM

    These days people are fortunate enough to have endowed resources for their survival in the best possible way.

    However, there are sections of society that even struggling to afford their daily basic needs. I partially agree with the statement.

    This essay will discuss the possible points of view towards choices in society and justify them with viable examples.

    To commence with, In the present era, Human beings have exponentially increased the number of options available in different fields such as food, clothes, electronic gadgets, living comforts due to many reasons.

    Firstly, the creativity in mankind is increasing gradually towards self-comfort. In addition, The Human population is also enhancing day by day, and to generate enough needs for the people, Innovation is the only source.

    For example, Sometimes lack of rains humans face many problems. Just to revoke the issue, artificial rains were created in some places. Likewise, everything is generated for some adequate reason.

    Furthermore, the advancement in education and development has endowed people with the availability of an enormous number of professional fields to succeed in their lives.

    on other hand, There are few sections of people still striving for their basic needs. Throughout the globe, some have many choices. However, all this hangs on with their economical status.

    The unequal distribution of positive aspects of technology. Many underdeveloped countries are lacking the basic necessities to survive like food, health, and financial resources.

    Instead of having choices, they do not have an option to avail the of fundamental human rights. For example, In daily editions, there is a plethora of articles are publishing.

    To conclude this, The people around the globe in this generation are fortunate enough to have all the amenities with plenty of choices. However, people should be cautious while using technology and it would have been equal for everyone.

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