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  • Deepak

    August 5, 2021 at 9:53 PM

    There has been a gripping debate on the topic that whether a promotion lure us to make unnecessary purchases or it informs us about the product, which may improve human lives. In my opinion, the advertisements do entice consumers to procure off-limit/ unnecessary items using deceptive techniques.

    First of all, I believe most of the big corporate houses have insatiable desire to capture the big chunk of market in order to maximize their profits. To achieve their objective they meticulously plan their promotion and lure the customers to make unwanted purchases. Due to this, sometimes people buy off-limits item and get trapped in the vicious circle of debt. For example, these days big corporate tie-up with financial institutions and offer products on Easy monthly instalments and individual make purchases which is uncalled for and beyond their pockets.

    Secondly, people tend to procure health supplements and cosmetics based on misleading promotions by manufacturers in-spite of the fact that they do not need such products. These conglomerates hire famous personalities to act in their commercials so that they can capitalize on their success. Common man gets trapped in their deceitful tactics and make the purchases, without analysing the side effects on one’s health. For example, big FMCG manufacturers portray leading Bollywood actresses in their commercials and influence the public by making unrealistic claim and without even giving complete details of ingredients of their product.

    In the concluding remarks, I
    would like to reiterate that only motto of these large corporations, is to earn
    profit by an means and in this horse race they want to succeed by hook or by
    crook. In my opinion, Government should bring in legislations to check on these
    kind of deceitful advertisements so that common man does not get cheated at the
    hand of such companies.

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