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  • Neha

    August 6, 2021 at 12:41 AM

    There is this one incident that gets me flummoxed is the one when my family was travelling to Goa. I remember I was swamped at work, I thought I would be quashed by my HR for granting me leave but yet I could convince and take a week leave just to spend some time with my family. Everything was going great during the travel that suddenly there was a tenuous moment where the driver was perplexed by the route because the board on the way had a specious direction described on it. While taking up that route we had to go ahead sluggishly. There was a point that we all were in a fix when the driver just put a sudden break and what we saw was atrocious and I was so obtuse to get out of the car to watch that incident. That incident was where a deadly accident had taken place. I call myself stupid because I get dizzy when I see blood and knowing it I got out to see it and as I said it left me still, I felt dizzy and almost fell off the road. My parents rushed towards me and helped me settle.

    Therefore, what I have learnt from this one incident that has forsaken me is that; I have to think twice before I travel especially on the highways and be aware about my weakness. However the unpalatable fact is that I have and I am still trying hard to absolve myself from this atrocious incident.

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