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  • hardeep

    August 6, 2021 at 6:24 AM

    These days, Few people feel that we have plenty of options. I do largely agree with the statement and will justify it in following paragraphs of this essay.

    As a result of globalization, the world world has become one big market wherein anyone can purchase an item from anywhere in the world. This has also led to availability of large varieties of particular item or service that we intend to purchase. For example while buying a particular piece of apparel, one will get listing from many brands from around the world to choose from unlike in earlier times where it was limited to just local market.

    Moreover, evolution of internet has increased the capability to explore more options like undergoing a study online from any university around the world and not limiting to locally accessible one. On the contrary, some people still feel that its repetition of already available choices i.e. just quantitative increase and not qualitative, still the fact remains that we have more hug number of options nowadays which were not present in earlier times.

    In conclusion, Nowadays due to globalization and evolution of internet, the world has become one huge marketplace where buyers have many options to choose from and which were not possible in earlier times.

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