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  • Sakshi

    August 6, 2021 at 10:40 AM

    A few individuals opine that, it is pivotal that one should keep their working area and the house spic and span, with getting everything managed and in the right corner. Sorting out things in the correct site reflects one personality. I strongly agree with the above stated argument and this essay will discuss the same with some relevant examples.

    To begin with, keeping things well-presented is taught to us in childhood. It reflects the mannerism inculcated in an individual to showcase its inner self. Further, putting the objects in right position makes it easy to find them and saves a lot of time when they are needed again. For instance, if things are not arranged systematically and cluttered everywhere will present a negative image of the house owner to a person coming from outside. Evidently, if the apartment is not tidy it give back a wrong presentation of the person and can pave the way for more infections.

    To elucidate further, the offices should be kept organized and files should be handled in sorted way. So that, if a client is coming to meet you always take a positive image for a well-organized workplace. And one should always maintain their office to flourish and to attract more clients.

    conclusion, there are many benefits on maintain our homes and offices in immaculate conditions. I believe any
    citizen that adopts the habit of being organized will increase their likelihood
    of accomplishing tasks and their chances of being better evaluated by their employers.

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