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  • Anureet

    August 6, 2021 at 11:20 AM

    Introduction- detail- detailed

    Write a clear thesis statement incorporating the main points

    BP1: our daily- their daily

    available in- where clothes are available in

    a lot- a lot of time

    in 19th- in the 19th

    were very confined with the choices-had restricted choices

    they get- they got

    don’t write personal examples

    but and whereas can’t be used together in a single sentence

    due to the lack- due to lack

    from online- from online websites

    Correlative Comparative- The more we explore, the higher the chances are to accomplish our needs

    BP2: plethora- a plethora

    lose- loose

    Although- erroneous complex sentence

    make a right- make the right

    end up- end up in

    a wrong- the wrong

    Like for example- Don’t write like in formal letters- For instance

    Example is not clear. Rewrite it

    Conclusion- keeping- keep

    their- his

    have a firm decision- be firm in his decision

    their requirement- his requirement

    Band Score: 4/6 Keep Writing!

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