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  • Nikita

    August 6, 2021 at 11:46 AM

    According to people this modern life provides with wide range of choices in everything like in education, shopping, food, vacation, etc. Personally, I agree with the statement as the coming time period the facilities and choices have not been restricted.

    Firstly, we have been provided with variety of options in the education field than before. For instance, during olden times there wasn’t many demands of education but now people have a large number of opportunities to pick for studying like psychology, history, entrepreneurship, marine studies, business studies, etc. Moreover, not just education but more areas have many choices too like Food. People prefer experimenting with their options with dinning, as they may try to feast on Italian cuisine and the next day of Chinese. Consumers are delighted when presented with different products for comparison so that they can buy the one most adapted to their need or want.

    A further area where an individual has a huge number of choices is while deciding for the holidays, be it for destination countries, hotels, Airbnb and places to visit. Many travel agencies are contacted as they offer different packages, sometimes the same package is proposed at a cheaper price in other agencies. In such a situation people enjoy options to choose the best and the most suited. However, it is true that sometimes having a large number of choices can be time consuming for example looking shoes example, looking at different brands of a particular basic good which probably differ in many ways according to their brand name. However, it is always a smart idea to compare and choose the perfect good.

    In conclusion, I believe that in today’s world, we have many options to choose from such as in the area of education, food and travelling as people enjoy the choice of options and choose what they prefer best for them.

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