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  • Nilesh

    August 6, 2021 at 3:48 PM

    The elder group of our society thinks that ample choices are available to this generation compared to their era & I must say, they are absolutely right but sometimes having more options makes people flummox while selecting goods which are really worthy to buy it.

    The advent of an Internet has connected each and every corner of the world. Due to the globalization and industrialization of the various sectors has opened door of the international markets to our society. Moreover, giants like Amazon & Ali express has eased our life by bringing international brands and millions of products to our fingertips. For example, in 60’s & 70’s there were only two clothings brands mainly Reymond & Mafatlal are available in the Indian market but nowadays, no young generation is prefers to buy these brands as thousands of varieties are available in market which are more stylish, Vibrant & comparatively gets cheaper due to the Competition between these manufactures so lured customers.

    <font face=”inherit”>Consequently, having dozens of choices make people confused while selecting right product for them. The alcratity of individuals leads to wastage of time, energy and loss of tranquility & in few cases customers were cheated by </font>fraudulent<font face=”inherit”> advertisements of products by traders may result in </font>financial lost. Recently, i came across one incident where one fraud company has published add of in expensive fancy and clannish clothes & eventually number of people has ordered from that website but they get deceived as this company has sent stones and paper to the customers instead of cloths. It was big scam. Hence, having number of choices sometimes not helpful while selecting right product.

    To conclude on this discussion, undoubtedly current generation has infinite number of choices made available by companies but we have to think cautiously while making right selection by considering factors such as need, authenticity, quality and reputation of the manufacturer.

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