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  • Ipshita

    August 6, 2021 at 9:05 PM

    The given table depicts the data of the world’s ten largest populated countries in 2019 with predicted figures in 2100. The figures are presented in millions.

    Overall, it’s apparent that except for China and Brazil, all the countries show an increasing population trend. Some new countries like D.R Congo, Ethiopia, Tanzania replaces Bangladesh, Russia and Mexico.

    In 2019 china was in the first position with 1,439 million, whereas India was in the second position with 1,380 million but, by 2100 India is projected to have the highest population of 1,551 million and China’s population decreased by 498 million since 2019. Although the USA is predicted to experience an increase in population by 147 million and would amount to 478 million, still it steps down from third to the fourth position. Nigeria would overthrow the USA by moving up from seventh place with 206 million to 730 million. Brazil records a population of 213 million and, it would drop to the tenth place from sixth in 2100 to 177 million a decrease of 36 million

    Furthermore, three of the ten most populous countries in the world would no longer be among the top ten in 2100. It would be replaced by three new growing nations. For example, D. R. Congo would hold the sixth position with a population of 296 million. Ethiopia would be in the eighth position with 212 million and Tanzania would take over the ninth place with 178 million.

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