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  • Nilesh

    August 7, 2021 at 7:57 PM

    In today’s world, the people are virtually more socialize with each other which enhances the thought exchange process across the globe and because of that liking of similar products has been increases over the period of time. I think, this is positive development where society is moving towards the rationalization & this essay will explain the merits associated with this trend.

    Before advent of an Internet, there was very limited source of information available for most part of our society. Hence, people used to buy whatever available in local markets. The availability of the products are mainly influenced by local tradition, caste, creed & business of individual. For example, the blazers and fancy dresses were wore by the society tycoons, businessmen whereas middle & poor class was not entitled for such clannish clothe and other items. So, choices was always different among various part of the society due to above reasons.

    In this era, the information and technology has connected entire globe to each other & online shopping giants like Amazon and Ali express has played an important role for bringing world class choices to our fingertips. Another reason for having exact choices amongst hundreds is mainly due to the social platform such facebook, youtube and instagram where millions of fan following their exemplar and try to follow them in all aspects. In general, Overall globalization, social platform and online shopping sites are main contributors for developing similar taste buds among each part of our society.

    To conclude, having similar choices has ended up the discrimination in our society which was mainly governed by the attire of the personal. Now, Everyone has right to buy anything irrespective of gender, caste and its solely depends on the personal taste.

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