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  • Sumita

    August 8, 2021 at 12:00 PM

    Generally people believe that keeping our work station and house clean and arranged is very essential. I also agree that opinion that having a neat and organized living and working space is very important as it reflects a lot about personality of an individual. In this essay, we will discuss about importance of cleanliness and organizing things.

    Clean working environment makes people work faster and in efficient manner. Though one can work from anywhere but if your work desk is well ordered then it is easier to find required stuff thus making us work faster, also it gives good vibes throughout the day and encourages one to work efficiently. Its importance has especially increased during this covid pandemic times when mostly people are working from home and keeping things neat and aligned creates a sense of separation between your work area and home.

    Apart from that having clean house has following benefits such as, it is less stressful to work, aesthetically pleasing, prevents allergies, maintains hygiene etc. Normal house activities like cooking, gardening, washing clothes etc. can be done in stress free way in an organized house as all required material to do these chores can be found at a defined place, with no time being wasted in finding things. Also clean house looks appealing to everyone and additionally, it maintains good health and hygiene which in turn prevents our family from any kind of dust and pest allergies.

    In conclusion, keeping areas around us neat and well ordered is very crucial as it keeps us stress free, efficient throughout our day. Also it helps us raise a young generation which is well versed with importance of cleanliness.

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