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  • Sumita

    August 8, 2021 at 12:59 PM

    <i style=”font-family: inherit; font-size: inherit;”>In present times multiple options are available everywhere be it buying coffee from a coffee shop, eating food, buying apparels, electronics etc. In this essay we will discuss the extent of choices available and their possible impacts on individuals.

    <i style=””>Nowadays, multiple alternatives of everything we need are available and it has many advantages for individuals, society and economy. For example, we have many affordable and cheaper options available for mobiles and laptops which makes it possible for everyone to have access to their benefits whereas two decades ago these were considered luxury items. Also having alternative choices keep companies and businesses motivated to constantly compete, innovate and improve quality of their products along with maintaining affordable pricing. For instance, to buy clothes and dresses we have multiple offline and online avenues – like malls, shops, e-commerce websites like myntra, jabong etc from where people can buy according to their requirements.

    <i style=””>But there is flip side of every coin, having too many choices in everyday routine has created problems such as daily stress, indecisiveness and dissatisfaction in people’s lives. Extent of choices can be determined from that fact that many psychological studies are being conducted today to determine negative impacts of choices overload. We have to decide for everything, for example what kind of coffee I need in morning- Latte, Mocha, Expresso etc. Choice making creates a stress, and people often spend too much time in deciding things and often remain indecisive in buying things so it creates unnecessary dissatisfaction of not buying the best. Apart from that people also buy things that are not needed and hence it increases their unnecessary spending so it makes them regret later. Hence, as a society we must focus on this aspect of choices and prepare our younger generation to be conscious of its impact.

    In conclusion, people have multiple choices available in every aspect of their life and it has some advantages, but recent studies also show that it has many disadvantages too like mental stress and indecisiveness.

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