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  • Sumita

    August 8, 2021 at 6:24 PM

    Some people believe that globalization has led to homogenization of cultures due to which distinctiveness of places and people has decreased. People are able to purchase all kind of goods and services anywhere globally which were native to one place historically. In my opinion globalization has both advantages as well as some disadvantages, which we are going to discuss in this essay.

    Globalism had been fastened with advent of technology as it has reduced differences in the world and has made the entire earth like a big nation. It has made people easier to travel, interact and be accommodative with cultural distinctions and has opened up the whole world with more study options and job opportunities globally. For instance, nowadays many students travel abroad for better study and job options whereas 2-3 decades ago it seemed like an impossible task for mostly people to stay away from their families and home. In present times, people are able to easily buy their native cuisine items in foreign countries and are able to interact with their families on daily basis. It has created a positive blend of different cultures, thus reducing unnecessary differences between people.

    Inter and Intra country differences makes this earth a beautiful place to live where we can have multicultural experiences in terms of different cuisines, languages, places etc. Human distinctions are a beautiful aspect of global diversity and excessive homogenization impacts it in a negative way as it leads to loss of cultural, linguistic and cuisine diversity. In fact this blind race of globalization was responsible for colonialism, world wars and ultimately discrimination and exploitation of poor nations by wealthier ones. Hence, I strongly believe that organic way of globalization is the right way to go whereas forced homogenization has always wreaked havoc in world historically.

    In conclusion, globalization has some benefits such as it reduced human boundaries, brought them closer with more growth opportunities worldwide. But it also has some disadvantages like loss of multiculturalism and impacts global diversity.

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