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  • Harvinder

    August 9, 2021 at 3:44 AM

    The expansion of tourism contributed to English becoming the most important language worldwide. Some people think that this will bring out to English becoming the only language to be spoken gradually. This essay will shed light on the pros and cons of having a single language for the entire world.

    The major pros of having a single language instead of multiple regional languages are that communicating with other counties will become easy. If all countries set their main communication language to English, then there will be no language barrier or communication gap, which will lead to a good relationship among all countries. Citizens of any country can communicate with citizens of other countries without having much difficulty.

    The major cons are if we all set a single universal language for communication then there is some fair chance of losing our native language, mother tongue, and culture, and values. It will be very difficult for some people to adapt to the same accent, fluency as a native speaker, for instance United Kingdom, United States have their primary language as English but carries in their accent.

    To conclude, one single language for all countries will be surely a good option and there will be a reduction in the number of people who are facing problems while communicating with other nations, but it is not fair for all local and regional languages in the entire world in the future.

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