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  • Arvind

    August 9, 2021 at 12:33 PM

    In the recent years, the rapid development and use of technology has led to a remarkable development of global trade. An increasing number of customers have shown their interest in products and services from around the world. In my opinion this is a positive and a necessary trend.

    With the help of e-commerce portals consumers can access a wide range of products conveniently from their cell-phones and laptops. They can easily see, compare and buy products from anywhere around the world thereby increasing the demand. Naturally, any manufacturer would want to sell his/her products and service across the globe. With companies entering the global markets the competition is very high and would force the manufacturers to improve the production and quality of their products.

    The expansion of the markets also creates more and better job opportunities which contribute to the economy of the nation.

    Thereby I conclude by saying that this is a positive and a necessary change.

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