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  • Voladri

    August 9, 2021 at 5:46 PM

    Soaring importance of English language is contributed by tourism a lot . Few people think that this may lead the English language to be as a global language . English language as a global language creates opportunities to exchange science and new inventions where as English as a global language has vicious effect on native languages and customs .

    One of the main advantages of English language as a global language allows to interchange the ideas of new technology and inventions which plays an important role to promote industrialization . Sharing of new technology can be done in an easier way as before where communication will be no more a barrier which allows everyone one on this planet can enjoy the benefits of new inventions . English as a global language creates huge employment opportunities where we can observe surge in economical status of states.

    One of the disadvantages of English as a global language is : it shows dangerous effect on native languages which leads to the extinction of native languages . As the culture of the nation is directly linked with language we may also can observe the disappearance of various customs across the globe . This vanishing of native languages gradually due to the dominance of English language for various reasons effects the heritage and we cannot able to understand great literatures which were composed in native languages .

    English as the only language as tool of communication helps in surmounting great summits in various fields together where as it has many ill effects on native customs and traditions as it leads to the extinction of native languages .

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