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  • Nikita

    August 9, 2021 at 8:17 PM

    It is believed by some people that parents should motivate their children in participation of group activities during their free time. on the other hand, few people argue saying children should spend their free time on their own. In my opinion, group learning has more pros than self-learning.

    To begin with, engaging in group activities can strengthen children’s social skills. Socializing with other people in the group can help children to learn team-work capabilities and they end up gaining confidence. For instance, motivating juveniles to enroll in activities like football, friendly competitions that can help them to acquire and gain skills required to cope with the pressure of working in groups and learning competing with others in a healthy manner. Furthermore, group activities are safe because they are always guided by a supervisor of the team. This helps them to be disciplined and it can be beneficial for them in the future.

    On the other hand, when children are asked to keep themselves occupied on their own, they are more likely to spend their time playing video games and browsing the internet. While, this could have serious implications for their health and even in academic. Also, staying in front of the television or computer all day will hurt their social skills by isolating themselves. When children engage in group activities during free time, it shows improvement. However, currently this is not happening these days as kids prefer staying home playing video games and not leave their comfort zone.

    To conclude, spending time in group activities can help children to develop skills of team work. However, if children are told to keep themselves busy on their own, they might just waste time by either playing video games or watching series.

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