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  • sangram

    August 10, 2021 at 12:12 AM

    In order to follow standard procedures and protocols laid by government and to keep the Covid-19 virus at bay we are restricted to stay at home and one can not miss on his/her work(employment), education, entertainment staying at home. Human beings have always been good at finding the way outs from the situations like this and they succeeded this time too, continuing their work, study with the help of internet. Work from home and online education do have their advantages and disadvantages which topic for separate debate. It’s fine for those who are currently working from home and things for them may seem like as they were earlier as a lot of people lost their jobs during the first wave and they never had an option to work from home even if they are asked to work from home they can not. Cause the work that can be done at home has a lot of exceptions for example a farmer can not do his farming activities using internet, a pilot can not fly his flight seating at home ( Hope we could do it in near future). And most of the working from home activities are the supportive activities of some actual ground work we need to understand that if that ground work does not exist their supportive activities will go extinct. This can be well explained with an interesting example suppose ‘A’ is an IT engineer he is mostly seating in font of computer or laptop working at his office which is well known E commerce site and now his company has allowed him to work from home without any cuts in his salary. ‘B’ is a customer wishing to buy some of the household items including grocery as he is restricted to stay at home owing to the strict lockdown measures in force in his city. ‘C’, ‘D’ and ‘E’ are the delivery persons of that company. So even as the Government and the Employer of these above mentioned people are concerned about every ones safety and health things are not the same for every one. Same is the case for the online education for those belong to privileged class they are not enjoying the facilities of online education even before Covid hit us and three is not even that much infrastructure in rural India to have access to online education. So in my opionion having online education and opportunity to work from home is cool and some may keep enjoying the comforts of it even after the defeat of Covid but things will automatically start getting normal after some time.

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