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  • Agalya

    August 10, 2021 at 10:03 AM

    In this era of digital revolution, which becomes necessary for children? To develop their social skills by participating in group activities or to boost creativity by occupying themselves on their own? To answer a question of this kind, it is important to address both aspects.

    Parents are rightfully concerned about the future of their children and want them to make use of their free time as productively as possible. Participating in group activities along with others of the same age group would develop the much required social skills necessary in almost any career. Children would not only get opportunities to display leadership but also might get an idea of how to conduct themselves in a group. These behaviours would transform them into better employers and employees. When children approach a certain problem as a group, they would be able to think out of the box and provide a wonderful solution as many ideas would take form during discussions. Many fields require professionals to be a part of a group and come up with revolutionary ideas and developing these skills from childhood obviously means better opportunities in the long run!

    Now coming on to the other aspect, is it good for children to occupy themselves on their own? There are many life changing hobbies that children can take up on their free time. Having many skills apart from the standard requirements will provide children with a better advantage in this competitive world. Many of the world’s leading companies suggest professionals to take up courses that would boost their creativity and research shows that this was extremely beneficial to both the company and the employees. Having mentioned this, wouldn’t it be amazing if we start nurturing creativity right from the beginning? To do so, children must spend some time alone and discover what they are passionate about and pursue it. This would also make children more stronger and independent.

    Here’s the important question: So what exactly is better? Research claims that those who strike the right balance between their time alone and being in a group are better when it comes to productivity. Why is this important? Children should have more freedom to decide what to do with their free time. During their time alone they can come up with their original ideas and in group discussions they would get the opportunity to learn new ones. Their preferences will be different and changing routines would allow them to enjoy the activities they are involved in. So parents should allow for flexibility when it comes to deciding what their children should do in their free time.

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