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  • Haritha

    August 11, 2021 at 5:12 AM

    Crime is a serious issue across the globe. In addition to this, the crime rate is increasing day by day. A section of society believes that long imprisonment is the feasible solution to bring down crimes. Whilst other people consider that crime reduction is possible with other alternative ways. This essay will look into both opinions with viable examples. Such as crime reduction with severe punishments and with other alternatives like education and employment.

    To commence with, the Longer period of imprisonment is susceptible to change in offenders. This phenomenon can invoke fear among other criminals. If a person is already aware of the intensity of punishment before committing an abysmal act it will deterrent him from becoming a criminal. For example, for the crimes of murder or rape, the punishment is death to a sentence or life imprisonment. so that, masses are really scared to commit these kinds of crimes. Resulting in making people think twice before committing any serious crime. Imposing strict punishment discourages people from committing atrocities.

    on the other hands, An alternative ways such as educating people and providing employment can also control the crime rate. Moreover, The majority of humans who are performing cruel acts are uneducated and unemployes (unemployed). If they get sufficient guidance towards education and job opportunities keep the masses busy and away from the crimes. For example, If we consider a city with 100 % education resulting in more employment and fewer crimes.

    In conclusion, Severe punishment for a crime having a great impact on the people who are going to commit a mistake. However, there are many ways to bring down crimes such as education, which can eradicate the ferocity in society.

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