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  • Akhil

    August 11, 2021 at 9:23 AM

    With all the research on schools, few experts suggests that children should start learning foreign language in primary school than in the secondary one’s. This essay will examine the advantages and disadvantages in the view of professionals.

    The main advantages to learn foreign language in private schools are providing a well trained faculties and giving the best resources for easy understanding. Skilled language trainers will educate the students from basic to master’s level. For example, they will teach children how to get familiar with the language so that they can speak fluently. In primary schools there will be many resources provided with books to read and labs for interaction purposes. For example they conduct seminars where every child has to talk and also conducts weekly tests in listening and speaking the language.

    As we have seen the advantages in above paragraph, there are few drawbacks also. the major disadvantages are fees structures and stress in small ages. In corporate schools, they concentrate on studies as well as in extra circular activities so that they charge higher fees. In this case not every family can afford that much money for their children admissions. As every administrative department expects a great recognition through their students ranks, they give lot of assignments to do which automatically leads to stress in children mind. If the student cannot complete the work in time, he needs to manage time from his other schedules where the child gets less time to sleep. When there is no proper sleep there will be a lot stress in people mind.

    Taking everything into consideration, I am convinced that Foreign language is very important and the only platform to get best knowledge is in primary school. Though they are expensive the corporate schools should think about middle class families also. With that the downside of their academies.

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