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  • Arvind

    August 11, 2021 at 2:12 PM

    A few people think that not much of the household waste is recycled. To encourage this they want the government to enforce a law to make it a requirement. Plastic containers, glass bottles, food and packaging cans, carton boxes are the common products from the daily household which can be easily recycled.

    Instead all these products are dumped in the dumpcarts or on the streets which harm the environment. I believe that forcing people to recycle their waste is not an appropriate solution, instead they can be advised to segregate their waste into categories and then dump them into the respective thrash cans. This will ensure that all the thrash which can be re-used from all the houses is collected in one place and the manufacturers can pick them up for recycling.

    As a substitute for metals, we have become greatly dependent on these plastics so much that we are not able to reduce using it. As a result this has generated a lot of waste over the period of time which is very harmful for the ecosystem. So to address the issue of recycling the government must create awareness about the effects of these products and promote the use of organic and degradable materials. Goods which cannot be reused must be banned. Fines can be imposed for producing non-recyclable commodities, for dumping waste in in-appropriate places.

    To conclude , I would like to say that compelling people to recycle their household waste is not an option. As an alternative the governing bodies must help people realize the importance and need for recycling their waste.

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