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  • Harvinder

    August 11, 2021 at 2:17 PM

    It was claimed by some people that the waste of houses is not enough recycled. They suggested that government should make a law regarding recycling this is the only way to increase recycling.

    Government should start campaigns like why recycling of house’s waste is important for us and for the environment. So, that they can spread awareness among societies and villages in urban and rural areas and they should choose volunteers from schools and colleges they can make posters and by using creative ideas. Youth will play a major role in these campaigns because they will communicate with people and make them understand.

    When someone is caught twice or thrice dumping recyclable trash then instead of fine the government should give punishment of planting 1 plant in your place this will be more helpful for our environment.

    To conclude, Government should aware people of rural and urban areas about why recycling is helpful for our societies by starting campings and if people commit this mistake after knowing all the harmful effects of this waste then those peoples should be punished with planting a plant.

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