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  • Mudit

    August 11, 2021 at 2:25 PM

    Several people accept that the amount of recycled waste material is incomplete . Recycling I very essential part in our life to reduce waste material and save the enviornment. Generally, there are some people who may not increase recycling the waste product if they are guide them that recycle is very important part of our life by laws . In this essay , I will look at the way to increase more people to recycling by laws or other and explain my thought.

    Forming laws I very essential to motivate the people to expand the recycle because in this world there are lots of people who are not recycle the waste material which was reuse them in our life from their own motif . For example , there are lots of recycle the waste products like plastic pipes, papers, aluminum can and glass etc. Although they must have found a right place to destroy the waste material and recycled into the new things . Generally , they might not be aware to recycling the waste material because it was very easy to throw on the road and groove and they don’t prefer to use dustbin . When there are laws regarding recycling , people forced to not throw waste product here and there and recycled them at this recycling rate will increase more. If you don’t use recycling the waste product you should be punshied or may be penalty . Moreover , instead punishing people is not solution sometime they could give people reward who was recycling the waste material properly.

    On the other hand , Laws are not the solution sometime they could give reward for people who was recycled the waste products . Some countries are aware about the recycle is well- known in school .In school where teachers are teaching about the recycling and I home parents also teach us about recycling and save the money and enviornment.

    In conclusion , Recycling is the best method for saving money and envuirnment . In my opinion I think law is very important to force the people to recycle the waste material.

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