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  • Priyadarshini

    August 11, 2021 at 2:31 PM

    It is thought by some experts that children who start learning a foreign language in their primary schools make it better than secondary level. In this essay we will discuss about learning a foreign language at an early stage can bring about more advantages than disadvantages for children and will state a conclusion about it.

    Starting with the advantages, firstly, children at an early age are generally curious and can easily learn a vast amount of information. More specifically, a children’s brain is still in the phase of formation, which makes the absorption of the new information easier. Secondly, when kids learn a language at very early age they will have a good command over the language and fluency, which will boost their confident in both speaking and writing and also will help in building their curriculum. For instance, most of the job interviews, nowadays, are conducted in English. Therefore better fluency of the language may help them to overcome the barriers in job interviews.

    Learning foreign language can also have some issues involved like lack in reading and writing their native language as importance is given to the foreign language. For instance, some of the schools where foreign languages are considered to be the primary language rarely concentrate on the mother tongue which makes the children to not know their native language perfectly. However, this is not the case for every student and is rare. Secondly, pupils studying only three or four years in the school even at that moment do not properly concentrate on the lessons. It could be difficult to compel children to learn something else besides their curriculum subjects.

    In conclusion, the critical benefits that children gain by learning a foreign language will stand them in good stead when they become adults and in the long run, this will also benefit their careers and cognitive skills which will clearly outweigh any disadvantages.

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