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  • Sanjay

    August 11, 2021 at 6:49 PM

    For past few decades the syllabus of young-lings have been becoming more and more elaborate because of addition of subjects like foreign languages. Some experts argue that studying foreign languages in early stages of schooling is of immense importance and some other refute such an argument. The later thinks that non-native languages should be left for secondary school. This essay will weigh both the arguments and will analyse the pros and cons of this extra burden on kids and will reach a rational conclusion.

    For a kid language is a window that opens into the ocean of information and having reasonable knowledge, particularly in languages like English cannot be emphasised more . Since English is a universal language and a (an) innumerable number of books are written in English the inability to read and understand the language well impede child’s ability to attain more knowledge. To exemplify the state syllabus students of my native place Kerala generally have poor skills in English language because of the absence of proper training in primary schools. So during early period of schooling this kids are unable to read and comprehend books written in English .Thus teaching a foreign language in primary school open (opens) many doors of knowledge and possibilities in front of children

    However everything comes at a coast (cost)! The increased burden of studying can put stress on young pupils and this can affect their mental health if go unchecked. It’s astounding that there are some syllabuses which includes (include) foreign languages like French and Spanish . What is the purpose of learning these languages since we can communicate in every corner of the world with just knowing English..? There may be some areas where people don’t understand English .But knowing all these languages are humanely impossible and its irrational to pressurise kids to learn these languages of little practical importance. The undue stress can lead to long lasting effects on mental health of children.

    So to conclude learning useful things like English language should be
    promoted, and it should be learned in primary school itself for better
    understanding, and easy upgrading of academic skills in future ;as well as
    adding unnecessary subjects to syllabus should be avoided too

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