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  • Vasanth reddy

    August 12, 2021 at 2:29 PM

    Some people believe that cars are the best source for journey in purview of city , however , few argue that bicycles are the best . According to me that bicycles are better when compared with cars .

    Firstly , bicycles are fine and better to use in cities as they do not emit any harmful gases in to atmosphere . Owing to pollution , we experience soar in temperatures and drastic and disastrous changes in weather which has vicious effects on milieu, which is conspicuous every year . Ravaging consequences on environment can be controlled by constraining utilization of cars . Burgeoning industries in cities is creating employment avenues , which tends everyone to migrate to conurbation . Consequently the surge population is observed which results in traffic-jam . To expound , roads and other facilities are not able to meet the demands of soaring population rates , which results in blockage of vehicles and also contributes a lot to pollution .

    secondly ,sedentary life styles are usual in individuals who make living in metropolis, which shows deleterious results on their physical and mental health . To explain , to attain the summits of happiness in ones life we need to be physically fit which can be accomplished by regular exercising which is absent in urban areas . This can be achieved by using bicycles where it requires to spend energy to run it . Thus , we can make ourselves strong utilizing it instead of cars .

    To conclude , it is better to make use of bicycles in spite of cars which results in decreasing pollution , more over bicycles need human activity to run it which require calories to burn , consequently , it keeps an individual healthy and strong .

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