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  • Dipinder

    August 12, 2021 at 4:45 PM

    No sir, every type of letter have to follow same structure, just follow this structure. 2,3,4 body paragraphs are just the elaboration of bullet points mentioned in topic. They can be about anything.

    Dear sir/madam, – formal

    Dear Mr/mrs first name, – in semi formal

    Dear first name, – in informal

    Opening line depending on types of letter, followed by purpose of writing the letter.

    Bullet point 1 expansion…………….

    Bullet point 2 expansion…………..

    Bullet point 3 expansion……….

    Closing line depending on type of letter.

    Your faithfully,

    First name last name

    – in formal

    Yours sincerely,

    First name last name

    – in semi formal

    Take care/love/miss you/regards,

    Fist name only

    – in informal

    And it is advised to use few abbreviations/contractions (not in every place, unlike informal) etc/eg/ie/i’ve/i’ll, i’m, she’ll, he’ll, wouldn’t, can’t and so on… in semi formal. And use contractions wherever possible in informal. But never use them

    In formal

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