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  • Sidharth

    August 13, 2021 at 8:59 PM

    Violence has been a staple of films for quite some time.It helps make the action scenes engaging.However, there are concerns that present day films contain too much violence. It leads to certain issues that are yet to be resolved.Let’s look at them in closer detail.

    Presently, film is the most consumed media among the general public.People irrespective of caste,creed or gender enjoy it.So , it’s safe to say that films have a huge influence on our lives.Certain films help motivate people to achieve their life’s desire.While other films help those suffering from depression.However,there are some negative impacts. Films try to justify violence. Heroes commit monstrous acts and justify it away by using the old adage “The ends justify the means”. This is absolutely the wrong message for the viewers.Sure,most people would consider violent scenes as nothing more than a part of the film.Still , a certain section of moviegoers are considerably influenced by it .Overtime they develop rash and uncultured tendencies. This leads to incidents of theft, personal attacks among others.Eventually,societies will turn into a chaotic mess.

    Another concern is depression.Some films are filled to the brim with torture and destruction and they can affect the minds of the viewers. This mostly applies to younger audiences.Scenes of annihilation and death can fill the viewer with a sense of doom which latter spirals into mental disorders.

    So, what can be done?

    The most important measure is censorship. Parts of the film, deemed too inappropriate can be removed.Also special care should be taken to ensure that kids aren’t able to access films that are filled to the brim with brutal and merciless scenes. Even adults that suffer from mental disorders should also be limited access to such kind of films so as to not over complicate their medical condition.Film makers should be encourages or even mandated by law to find other means to make action sequences exciting.

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