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  • Allen

    August 13, 2021 at 9:03 PM

    The high level of violence in the current generation movies tends to erupt the social peace. This is always one of the important debate that resumes when there is a some kind of violence in the society, especially when there are teens linked to the issue.

    Concerns related to violence created by teens is on a higher frequency and the pictures and short films is to be blamed to provoke the tendencies for such brutal acts. Let it be from creating chaos on a public transport to joining huge networks of cyber bullying. The animal like behaviour usually does’nt pass on to the next generation through the gene, it is always inspired or obtained from an external source. This is where the so called moving pictures plays an crucial role in shaping the mentality of the human nature and as always its easy to manipulate the mind of a youngster when compared to that of a matured adult.

    News involving young induviduals in crimes are almost like an everyday thing in the current society. All the crimes are executed in a cliched cinematic style, where boys throw acid bottles on the opposite gender, group assaults on weaker sections of people, High level thefts, clueless murders etc. These animal like activites require inpiration and one can find all the tricks and techniques from the cinemas of the currents era.

    The only possible way I can state is to categorise the movies according to the level of exposure to violence and telecast the same to the group of people accordingly. Ofcourse there is censor boards for reginol and international movies, but the problem here is that these A-Rated contents are’nt just viewed by adults. I personally have witnessed theatres flocked with huge number of young crowd for the 18+ content. The practical solution to encounter these contents from misleading the young mind is only by forcing age restrictions and these rules and regulations must be reviewed and verified on regular basis.

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