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  • Falak

    August 13, 2021 at 11:43 PM

    Feedback : Introduction could be better.

    On the one hand, providing the sentence for the longer (more/ longer period) number of years is the probable best way for criminal, so that he/she will has(have) some time to think about what he/she had done wrong in his/her life. It is possible that he/she will change his/her life approach, after spending years in one closed place. Personally, i (I)have seen lots of people becoming good civilian after their sentence. But, there can be more than one solution of any problem.

    Consultants can help them to guide (them) to make their life goals clear.

    Need to apply grammatical range and accuracy.

    Work on Lexical resources

    No example found.

    Band : 2.5/6

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