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  • Aniket

    August 15, 2021 at 10:06 PM

    The chart depicts the distance patterns of people in kilometres on the weekly basis for 5 modes of transport over a decade (1990 – 2000). It can be clearly seen that the use of commercial transports buses and rails had a major impact for large distances travelled, in comparison to the other means of transport air, motorbike and bicycle.

    The data suggests that the dependency of bus was more in the decade than any other facilities for transportation gradually increasing from 40 km to just over 42 km. It is worth noting that the trains were also not behind with approximately 35km in 1990 with a marginal increase roughly around 38km.

    It is interesting to note that the dependency over bicycle has declined significantly from almost 5 km to nearly 2km. Now turning over the details for motorbike and air, the bikes usage had seen a marginal fall from around 7 km in 1990 to just under 5km in 2000. On the other hand, flights had seen a climb from 1 km to 5 km in the next 10 years which is worth noting.

    <font face=”inherit”>Overall, we can conclude from the illustration that the use of transports </font>soared<font face=”inherit”> by 10 km i.e from (100 to 110)km. </font>

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