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  • Vaibhav

    August 17, 2021 at 2:15 PM

    In recent years, International sports events have gained a lot of traction and thus, host countries leverage such events to exhibit their culture, technology and superiority. While some people are speculative on such exhibitions due to extravagant expenditures involved, others regard these exhibits as essential. This essay will argue why such display of a nation’s qualities is significant and how it fosters development of the nation.

    To begin with, countries seldom get such platforms to showcase their affluent culture, nimble progress and incredible diversity, and given the scale of global presence in these events, if nations make use of these events wisely, it could be a game changer in glorifying a nation’s image in the world. To illustrate this, the opening ceremony of the Olympics is among the most popular programs on television, this implies that the nation should utilise this stage to demonstrate its character to the world.

    As far as expenses on such exhibitions are concerned, we should regard this as a tiny investment for the bigger purpose of the country. Just like any other business, countries also require financial investments in order to boost their economy, not to mention, to allure international investments advertising their strengths is requisite and hence, it is worth spending every single penny on such advertising campaigns alongside International sports events. To attest this, countries which have encouraged and hosted international sports have developed at a pace unprecedented before.

    This essay argued that it is significant for a nation hosting international sports to exhibit its culture and capabilities, and the expenditure involved is certainly justified. In my opinion, countries should showcase their strengths especially on International sports events to reveal the world their unparalleled culture and to improvise their future prospects.

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