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  • Sanjay

    August 17, 2021 at 7:39 PM

    The modern world is greatly dependent upon social media particularly for being up to date and keep in touch with friends and families. In this essay, we will discuss whether or not this is a good change, list the pros and cons of such extensive use of social media, and will reach a rational conclusion.

    Social media has opened new ways of news reading as a few years before the only source of information was newspapers and channels; people were unable to know whatever news that has been left out from reporting by these companies because of political or financial reasons. Today we can know these backdoor games played behind news reporting just because of social media. social media has been helpful in not only knowing news but also in maintaining contacts with friends and family particularly with those who live far away. to exemplify finding a lost childhood friend was of enormous difficulty in the past but today most of the time these people are just one or two clicks away.

    However, there are some relevant concerns associated with social media too, as the plague of fake news have been a major issue our country currently facing. And the exposed scam such as Cambridge Analytica selling data to manipulate the election process of America is pointing towards the depth of the threat associated with social media.

    So to conclude as modern world technology social media has enormous benefits to mankind and the threats of misusing it also relevant for which a government level action are required

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