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  • Abhineswar

    August 17, 2021 at 8:09 PM

    The social media helps to keep in touch with people and get updated day by day. I agree that the advantages of social media are far higher than the disadvantages.

    Social media is very handy and can be accessed so easily anywhere with just a smart gadget with an internet connection to connect with the people. This is something that brought back the connection with good old friends with whom we couldn’t keep in touch over the years. Even this platform in used in a lot of bad ways, it completely depends on the one’s awareness and choice that gets them affected. For example when a person could get in contact with an old friend, it definitely brings a lot of joy to recollect those old memories. When a platform can bring joy and happiness in someone’s life, why not encourage and welcome it?

    This is completely ones’ personal choice whether to use the platform for good or bad. And the blame is on the person not on the platform. When someone from many is taking advantage of this platform for their wrong motives, there is something wrong with the person and not the platform. In other words a lot of things that we use in everyday life can be accessed with wrong intentions. For example if a person uses it to post the jobs and people get jobs by referring the post on social media. If another person posts fake jobs with the intention to cheat people, we have sources to find if it is fake or real and make a smart decision. So it is a way more advantageous than the cons.

    I strongly believe that the advantages of social media is way more higher than its disadvantages. As this provide opportunity that can change ones’ life.

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