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  • Akhil

    August 17, 2021 at 8:10 PM

    As we all know that social media fastest way of communicate with people around the world where one can know any information across the globe. In this essay we’ll see how the benefits of social media are more significant than it’s disadvantages.

    The prior advantages of social network are communication and sharing a live news. First of all, communication is more important nowadays because it helps to interact with people over the world and also provides more knowledge about what others are not familiar. For example, any our family members goes out of station where the signal frequency is low, he cannot communicate with us instead he can use social platform connecting to nearest wifi and can contact with us. The next benefit is to share any news in live with the help of social media through instagram, youtube etc, they too plays a major role in spreading a valuable information that happened in another country or area. For example, during covid-19 few people don’t even know how to safeguard themselves from covid where some doctors who took that as a responsibility and shared their service by posting videos in youtube and instagrams. In this way the news can shared throughout the world.

    The main disadvantages are harming and insulting others. Firstly, social media is accessible to everyone and also it is more dangerous if we connect to unknown people. For example, if we approch new contacts in social platform they may blackmail and ask for money. The second disadvantage is insulting, as there are lot groups people insult other group members in order to highlight their own group members in socail network. For example in sports, one country’s people makes comments on another counrty people.

    In conclusion, I believe that the benifits of socail media outwighs the flaws in it by using social network in right way so that there will be no harm. Even though many people insult they can avoid them by unfollowing them.

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