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  • Priyadarshini

    August 17, 2021 at 8:41 PM

    In the recent days, social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, google, whatsapp and many more plays a pivotal role not only to communicate, but to know about recent news as well. While there are lots of benefits from this trends , there are considerable amount of drawbacks too. This essay will explore both the aspects of social media.

    To begin the positives, these sites introduce the world of virtual reality to people. As these sites/apps can now be easily available through smartphones hence connecting with our relatives, friends have become easier who are sitting a miles apart. In contrast, people have to stand in the long queue to hear the voice of their loved ones. For instance, as these sites are cheaper and faster people can make video calls to their family members on traditional occasions to feel their presence. Additionally, People can be aware of any news in a click. For instance, during lockdown of the country, use of social media played an important role to keep people updated about the current affairs sitting at home by avoiding use of newspapers.

    on the other hand use of these sites has some drawbacks too. Firstly, national and international connection demand a good strength of signal. If the network is poor, then contact cannot be established which can be problematic in limited network access areas.. Secondly, many cases of online fraud have been reported while money transfer, which could be eliminated by proper use of safety programs. Finally, sometimes people spread fake news which impacts a lot to the society; for example, sometimes a fake news spread through these sites portrayed in such a way which many people tend to believe to be true where as the actual incident could be something else. Despite these drawbacks, I believe slight awareness of people can assist in overcoming these issues.

    In conclusion, although the social sites pose certain threat to society in terms of robbery and wrong news, still it has many pros which cannot be neglected.

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