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  • Nikita

    August 17, 2021 at 9:09 PM

    Lately, many local small retail stores have gone out of business due to the lack of customers as most purchasers buy their commodities at the supermarkets or megamalls these days. Although such a phenomenon has brought some conveniences, I believe, overall, this is a negative development as it has severe impacts on the life of the local community.

    To begin with, people, these days, enjoy all the comfort and convenience of modern shopping in large shopping malls. These huge malls are one-stop shops where customers can purchase everything they require as well as get discounts, reward points and other facilities. For instance, Phoenix Mall is where shoppers go to buy groceries, clothes, electrical goods, gadgets and many other products all under one roof. Places like shopping centres also offers a feeling of security and safety, for example, as children can be left in a supervised play area while parents can shop without worrying and enjoy their time.

    However, despite these facilities, shopping at supermalls has led to devastating consequences. Firstly, it has created unemployment by snatching bread and butter from small shop owners. Various studies were conducted which revealed that unemployment tends to increase with the rise of supermalls. For instance, local shops are hardly visited due to lack of purchasing options. Small shops provide basic necessity but in a limited range whereas, malls are able to provide their customers with a larger number of purchasing options.

    To conclude, it seems reasonable that this trend is ultimately harmful to the community despite some positive aspects. Therefore, we should buy more from local retailers to save them in the long run.

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