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  • Suraj

    August 18, 2021 at 10:27 AM

    Many people think that nowadays, they have several options available to choose from for various things in life. I completely agree with this opinion and the following paragraphs explain my reasons with examples and end in a brief conclusion.

    In the modern world, with the advent of technology and easy communication people are faced with an increased choice in different aspects of their lives. From simple daily necessities to important life decisions have more options now than before. There are a number of industries with several roles for a person to take up in them. For instance, even a person living in a remote village has access to information from around the world and can choose from learning to be a good farmer or going to a university and become a software engineer.

    One main aspect where a varied choice is vividly visible is in the food industry as we have a lot of choice when it comes to food. There are recipes of diverse cuisines available online for anyone to cook from and if someone is too busy to cook and decides to go to a restaurant, he has to choose between the several commutable restaurants around him and then choose what he wants to eat in the long menu provided there. For instance, on one occasion when I decided to order a healthy smoothie for breakfast and selected a nearby outlet of Drunken Monkey, there were 25 distinct fresh fruit smoothies in the menu.

    To recapitulate, people have ample choice for every step in their lives like in major career decisions and in simple things like food. While this increased choice brings some color to our lives, it can also be stressful to zero in onto one option.

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