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  • Bhavik

    August 18, 2021 at 11:28 AM

    Often people believe that outdoor activities are more productive for children’s development when compared with playing computer games. In my opinion the above is true, children’s should be involved in more outdoor activities to enhance their development

    First of all, I believe that playing outdoor activities will keep a child mentally and physically fit as, been involved in outdoor activities means getting involved in physical activities like running, walking, jumping etc. all these activities will enhance the core strength of the child which is important considering the current polluted environment. Children’s are more susceptible to disease as compared to adults thus these activities in turn will improve the immunity of a child. For example if you compare the health of an athletic and a IT professional who works on computers entirely, it is observed that IT professional health is abysmal as they are indulge in minimum physical activities thus, I believe that been physical fit is very important and getting involved in outdoor activities will ensure the same

    Moreover, Outdoor activities expose a child to diverse people and it is often believed that when a person is expose to diversity he learns a lot – looking at how different people behave in different scenarios like after loosing a game how people take it sporting and keep a fighting spirit for the next game. In todays worlds where both the parents are working, often they condone the behaviour of their children, outdoor activities here plays a vital role as been exposed to people outside limit the children to behave in a right way. Thus getting expose to people through outdoor activities will definitely have a positive impact on a child

    To summarise, I believe that been physically fit and mentally enhance is significant for children’s development thus getting involved in physical activities and been expose to diverse population would suffice the safe

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