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  • Bhavik

    August 19, 2021 at 10:54 AM

    Often mainly people believe that international sporting events are the platforms for a hosting nation to showcase their qualities to the world while many believe it is a gratuitous large expense. In my opinion its a great advantage for hosting nation to put a step forward for its development

    While organising an international event not only showcases the resources of the country but also provides any opportunity for further development. Showcasing the qualities would encourage the new business to get set up in the nation. Such events can be considered as marketing the name of our nation which attracts the worldwide investor to believe and invest in new starts up in the country as well as set up new hubs of their own companies thereby increasing employment opportunity and boosting the countries economy in the near future. Considering the example of India which hosted common wealth game in 2010, boosted its economy in the immediate year due to the limelight that was created through the event. Thus I believe that such events should be considered as a marketing tool which increases the awareness of the nation amongst the other countries

    On the other hand hosting such events also encourages the people within the country to participate in such sports. I will create a game awareness which could galvanise people with natural propensity to explore the new sports. In todays tech heavy world it is important for people to have some mobility to stay fit. Such game would allow people to explore and ultimately be fitter. For an instance, as per TOI after commonwealth 2010 in India he participation of local in sport complex increased by a good number

    To summarise I believe such events would definitely push the development of the country through new business, also would create awareness amongst local people about sports, ultimately keeping them fit

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