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  • Nikita

    August 21, 2021 at 11:12 AM

    Travelling is something most enjoy but restricted due to circumstances for few people. Some argue taking a trip to foreign place is necessary to learn about the place whereas, other say, one can learn about abroad through technological devices. This essay will discuss the view and give opinion on, is travelling necessary to learn about foreign places or gaining information through technology is enough.

    To commence with, taking a trip to foreign places has it’s beneficial like the exploring new culture, and diversity, all together a different experience of memories which can’t be found by not travelling. For instance, when family travel to abroad, learn different things like, children pick up the language, mother is keen cuisine and father enjoys the architecture. Hence, the actual encounter of the place gives an adrenaline rush and enriching which is not likely to happen by not taking the trip and once a year a trip should be planned for new experience.

    Secondly, travelling is not easier to say and be done, it takes days of planning. As well as, the accommodations and cost of the trip is not affordable to everyone. Therefore, people tend to learn about abroad through TV and internet. For example, a student needs to write a report on unexplored foreign place which makes it difficult to travel in the last moment, so uses the source of technology to learn about the place. Hence, taking trip to abroad is good for exposure but not affordable so best way to acknowledge about yourself is by learning through devices.

    In conclusion, travelling is an essential part of life as it gives exposure and enriches a person which can’t be gained through devices. One may learn about it but experiencing the journey matters.

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