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  • Dipinder

    August 21, 2021 at 5:07 PM

    Intro is insufficient, lacks proper structure

    This is not a comparison question, pay attention to question, it’s asking for discussion, not comparison or advantage disadvantage. You couldnt comprehend the question rightly, hence answered it wrong.

    Bicycles are fine and better – is a bad sentence to use in essays. Looks very lame.

    Milieu means social environment not the eco system or environment. Which is not relevant here.

    Instead of SOAR, use rise/surge/hike/increase.

    Conspicuous means evident or obvious, i couldnt understand what exactly u meant by using this in your sentence.

    U digressed in your Second SI, it’s not relevant, u have to write on cars and its advantages.

    You again digressed in BP2, it should be only and only about advantages of cycles.

    Consequently, whole conclusion is wrong due to wrong understanding of the topic question


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