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  • Dipinder

    August 21, 2021 at 5:51 PM

    Many of a person believes- Many a person believes

    Bicycles are choicest to utilise what?

    I opine, that cars are suitable medium to move from one place to another in city

    And previously also i advised against using FINE, it sounds lame.

    Very much comfortable and one cannot get exhausted.

    Use either very or much with comfortable and use passive voice in your essays, never use 1st, 2nd or third person.

    Dont use etc and … – both are informal. Be specific with the benefits and expand that much only.

    Where one cannot be overtired – is again making the sentence personal and instead of OVERTIRED, better word such as, weary could have been used

    Constraining passengers can be shunned if we utilise cars- confusion and unclear! UTILIZE is American English, you must maintain same type of English American or UK, whichever u choose. But dont shift to other in your writing.

    Air conditioning is a luxury which you have already mentioned in previous SI, come up with some other advantage.

    WHICH needs energy to be burned WHICH makes one healthy and fit – Refrain from using one connector repeatedly.

    Thus, using bicycles as medium of transportation can help in burning calories, consequently assisting in achieving robust health. – your sentence is making it personal again.

    Your last SI is not aligning with the topic, rise in population cant be controlled by use of bicycles, traffic jams can be. Make it sound like bicycles aid in reducing traffic on roads.

    Making use of cars for travelling – using cars to commute, makes travelling comfortable, whereas using bicycles leads to healthy living.

    Cars are best source of medium ?

    According to me, cars are best medium to cover long journeys in short time.


    refer to my essay below

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