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  • shakshi

    August 24, 2021 at 6:32 PM

    The line graph represents leisure time spend by older people in reading, hiking, theatre, watching Tv, and surfing the internet in the United states for the last 30 years.
    Overall, the graph depicts fluctuation at the beginning of the period but at the end, the figure fell between 45-60%. However, watching TV was among the most favourite way of time-pass through the tenure.
    In the early stage, surfing the internet was not popular amount groups with only 5% of people were using the platform but subsequently, in 1990s and till 2010s it had shown a steadily increased with half of the audience attraction. Moreover, reading on other hand went through a huge fluctuation with 30% initially and closed at 60% which was almost double over the period.
    In addition, hiking was the only activity which had indicated a tremendous jumped started with 20% in the beginning and attract the majority of elder people in 2010s. Furthermore, theatre marked 50% in 1980s and dropped down at 30% in 1990s and again maintained steady growth in the remaining years. Watching TV was a highly viewed activity in 1980s and 2000s but it had plummed down in 2010s.
    The charts depict a crystal clear image of hiking being the most lovable activity in 2010s compared with other activities.

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