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  • Tanya

    August 24, 2021 at 7:18 PM

    Undoubtedly the past few years have shown a big advancement in the tourism sector, which has gradually resulted in English becoming the most important language. Does that really mean that English may become the only language spoken in the world? Let us have a look over the pros and cons people may have when having one language in the world.

    If there will be only one language then all people will be focused on learning that one language and there will be no inferiority complex in people when communicating with other countries people like some people nowadays have when they are not able to speak properly in English. In fact, it can result in more of the tourist visiting other countries and hence more revenue. Furthermore, there will be less discrimination amongst people, for instance, English-speaking students sometimes bully students who are not able to speak in English.

    On the contrary, having a universal language means that there will be no local language that depicts the culture of every country. For instance, India is known as a diverse country because it is the land of many tongues. Hundreds of languages are spoken here which shows people’s identities we are able to figure out from where a person belongs by his/her language. Having one language will have an adverse effect on the countries’ diverse cultures. Not only this, there will be a full stop on people’s urge of learning more language.

    English is the most prominent language as it is the only language that is widely accepted across the globe. In conclusion, regardless of the many benefits society will have from having a universal language, the concept is debatable as the drawbacks also cannot be ignored.

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