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  • Tanya

    August 24, 2021 at 11:47 PM

    Immigration has become a trend rather than a necessity in today’s era. In order to survive in a new country, one either has to adopt their culture or form a small community there. Let’s look over the two approaches with viable examples.

    Immigration looks very simple but actually, it requires a lot of adaptations to the new culture. For example, in India, people celebrate several festivals with family, neighbors and friends but some countries like Canada and the USA celebrate only two occasions in a year which are Christmas and Thanksgiving. To gel up with the people of other countries, we have to accept their traditions and lifestyles. Not only this, we have to learn their language of communication like people in France mostly communicate in French and this may become challenging for some individuals.

    On the other hand, some migrating people end setting up a community of people of their own kind. For example, Indian Punjabi people have made their own community and live life as they used to in their hometown. Moreover, this encourages more Punjabi people to settle in Canada as they don’t feel homesick. The concept of establishing the minority community not only helps the people to adjust quickly but also new immigrants can get support very easily in case of any emergency. However, the members sometimes create unnecessary problems by standing against the government’s decisions.

    I personally believe that acquiring the culture of the new country is a good option as it makes us part of that country. We should enjoy the challenges we will be facing in accepting the new lifestyles as this will bring out the better person in us.

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